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I’m on a mission to raise Asian women’s voices, helping us tell and own our stories.

I have years of experience in communications; from taglines to feature writing, from radio scripts to email campaigns. Growing up, I wrote poems, short stories, musicals, plays, and personal essays.

Storytelling and writing about the human experience are at the heart of what I enjoy doing. It took me more than a decade to realise that I am a writer. This return to the personal site is where I put a stake to the ground. This is my own slice of the Internet pie, bringing into it all of my identities from past, present, and future.

What I do for a living

I’m currently based and working out of Singapore. I'm the director of product growth at Airalo, the world's first eSIM store that's on a mission to offer a better way to access data when travelling.

Previously, I was with a global travel tech company, Skyscanner. Before that I made my way into the world working in agencies of various sizes and specialities: Ogilvy, Text1oo (now called Archetype), Hive Consulting, and Goodstuph.

Extra curriculars

I'd like to think of these endeavours as helping round out my edges while at the same time giving me an edge.

a) I’m on a mission to raise the voices of Asian women. Starting with the podcast that I produce and host called Chief Best Friends, a show about mixing friendship and business together.

b) I am also building a community of UX Writers based out of Singapore, while developing a tool that helps others break into the UX writing field. More to come on this one!

My writing

These days I'm focused on putting together a body of work around creative non-fiction, particularly personal essays. I believe in the power of our personal stories and how our experiences and how we see those experiences shape the way we move in this world. These are highly personal stories and I share these exclusively to my subscribers.

When I'm not writing essays, I like to share my thoughts around books, podcasts, productivity, creativity, health, and adopting a circular economy lifestyle.