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Growth marketer, podcast host & producer, speaker, and lifelong learner.

Hello there, I'm Niki. I have 12+ years of experience in communications; from taglines to feature writing, from radio scripts to email campaigns. Growing up, I wrote poems, short stories, musicals, plays, and personal essays.

While my heart lives for storytelling and words, it wasn't till a few years ago that I realised data and analytics is what feeds my soul. If you were to put art and science together, this is it.

It took me more than a decade to realise that I am a writer, and then years of peeling away at limiting beliefs to fully embrace the data nerd in me. Now I'm on Data Camp, currently enrolled in a college-level programming course, and working my way towards becoming entrenched in the world of data analytics.

Read about my journey to analytics here.

My Writing

I write mainly about growth marketing, data analytics, and how to bridge that gap with a lifelong love affair for learning.

Work Life

Most recently a Director of Growth at an early-stage travel/telco startup backed by Sequoia. Before that, I was with Skyscanner, a global travel tech company, where I began my travel industry experience.

I earned my stripes working in agencies of various sizes and specialities to become what we now know as a T-shaped growth marketer.

I'm a multi award-winning communications professional for my work with clients such as Changi Airport, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, AdColony (formerly Opera Mediaworks), and Symantec during my time at Ogilvy, Archetype (formerly Text100), Hive Consulting, and Goodstuph.


a) Deepening my practice and currently enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

b) Working my way towards applying for a graduate degree in analytics to start school in the spring, January 2021. Currently enrolled in CS1301 as a pre-requisite.

c) Mentoring the next wave of podcasting women under Project Voice, as well as a fresh group of startups for the Iterative VC accelerator program. Both happening this summer, July 2020.

Other Projects

On a mission to raise the voices of Asian women. Starting with the podcast that I produce and host called Chief Best Friends, a show about mixing friendship and business together.

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Building a community of UX Writers based out of Singapore, while developing a tool that helps others break into the UX writing field. More to come on this one!

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