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The best way to protect yourself is surprisingly also the easier way

The best way to protect yourself is surprisingly also the easier way
Photo by Volodymyr Kondriianenko / Unsplash

How many online accounts do you think you have? 10? 50?

I found out today that I have over 1,000. 🤯

You know what, you probably do too. You may not be keeping track, but out there are hundreds of logins with your email and...

...a recycled password.

The Usual Way

Same as you, I took shortcuts.

Like having a handful of go-to passwords and recycling them every time I signed up for the hot new online shop. Also, where I stored my credit card details.

Sure I wasn't using passwords like 1234 or password or admin or qwerty. I tried to be über smart by interspersing them with nUMb3r5 and even $Ymb*!s.

I got this locked down.

The Easier Way

Well, the joke's on me.

What I thought was easy: remembering a handful of creative, somewhat secure passwords is one password too many.

I only needed to remember 1Password.

The bonus is that it creates better, safer, stronger passwords for each of my 1,000+ logins.

This blows my mind.

Not only because it's a brilliant way of protecting myself—yay to the lazy!—but also because of the sheer volume of log-ins I've accumulated.

Think about it. Those are 1,000+ potential weak points. All a bad person needs to do is find one loose thread—and pull. BAM! The whole thing unravels.

Well, only if I were still using recycled passwords.

Thankfully, I'm no longer doing that.