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Real friends don't expect discounts

Real friends don't expect discounts
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

If you've ever created something or sold something, you always have people ask for discounts. You're most often happy to give them, especially if they're friends. Everyone goes home happy!

Except...you're just starting out.

You recently quit your steady job to do this thing full-time. You took out a small loan or surviving off the little savings you've scrunched up over the past 7 months. You ran the numbers and think that you can scrape by the skin of your teeth.

You're excited about this new journey you're on. You are grateful that your friends are supportive, and you give each and every one of them a discount. Your heart is full, but your pockets are now half-empty.

Showing support where it counts

One day, a new set of friends come by to see you. They saw your post on social media and are excited you're finally doing this.

For years they've been the ones convincing you of the potential of your idea. They are jumping up and down because they are so stoked (SUPER STOKED!) that you've finally gone and done it.

You glow with their presence remembering the times when you doubted yourself, and they never once doubted you. You ring up their orders, ready to give them a discount—

Except...they say you're just starting out.

They would love nothing more than to pay full price as a show of support. The extra margins go to your marketing budget.

You finally get yourself an ad spot in your favourite newsletter. They feature your business. Your website traffic spikes. You get a bunch of emails about collabs, coming on as a guest for a podcast, and new orders since you finally could upgrade to include an online store. Your pockets are full, and your heart is fuller.