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Journey to Analytics

On April 3rd, 2020, I made the swift (and perhaps crazy) decision to go for Georgia Tech's Master of Science in Analytics program.

Coming from a liberal arts background meant that I needed to jump into the deep-end before the stereotype of my undergrad degree took hold. I imagine it grabbing me by the arms, shaking me awake and shouting: "We're in Comms because we're bad at math, remember?"

Despite the steep climb ahead of me, I do find myself buoyed by the challenge instead of shrinking in its presence. When I'm told I need to take bridging classes because of my lack of a STEM background, I don't think it's a block in my path but rather a hurdle I must climb over. For every pre-req course put in front of me, the universe testing my resolve, I always (and surprisingly) say with a smile, "where do I sign up?"

Below is the road I am taking to get there, complete with transcripts and certificates. Welcome to my journey to analytics.

Introductory Courses Status
Introduction to Python Programming - CS1301
from Georgia Tech via edx
- Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedural Programming (Grade: A)
- Computing in Python II: Control Structures
- Computing in Python III: Data Structures
- Computing in Python IV: Objects & Algorithms
from The University of Adelaide via edx
- Polynomials, Functions, and Graphs
- Special Functions
- Differential Calculus
- Integral Calculus
- Probability
- Statistics
DataCamp Courses Status
Introduction to Python Completed
Spreadsheet Fundamentals - Skills Track
- Data Analysis in Spreadsheets
- Intermediate Spreadsheets
- Pivot Tables in Spreadsheets
- Data Visualisation in Spreadsheets
Data Analyst with Python Track - Career Track
- Introduction to Data Science in Python
- Intermediate Python
- Data Manipulation in pandas
- Merging Data Frames with pandas
- Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib
- Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn
- Introduction to Importing Data with Python
- Intermedite Importing Data with Python
- Data Cleaning in Python
- Exploratory Data Analysis in Pyhon
- Analyzing Police Activity in pandas
- Introduction to SQL
- Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas
- Introduction to Relational Databases in SQL
- Joining Data in SQL
- Introduction to Databases in Python
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