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How to read books for those who don't want to read books

How to read books for those who don't want to read books
Photo by Hillary Black / Unsplash

You don't have to read books.

This is your permission not to read them.

Perhaps you feel guilty about your growing pile of books. Donate them.

Suppose you haven't touched that book on your nightstand. Give it to a friend.

Books are great. I read about 9 of them every month. But here's the thing, books are no longer the only way to package up information. If you're just as curious and eager to learn and books aren't your thing, there are other ways to do it.

5 ways to not read a book

  1. Join a book summary subscription - Book summaries can be big business right now. The one I know and have tried is Blinkist. It gives you all the key summaries and insights all within 15 minutes. Perfect for those short on time.
  2. Read someone else's book notes - This is essentially like book summaries but by a particular person who loves to read and loves to take notes. Ali Abdaal's one of them.
  3. Watch a book review - Dan Silvestre does video versions of his book notes and does a review. This is great for those who like videos better.
  4. Join the course - Chances are your favourite author's also created a course on that book they wrote. My favourite books, Playing Big and The Art Money, have courses. This is perfect for those who want something more actionable bundled with accountability.
  5. Find a TED Talk - Many of our favourite books are also TED Talks; I mean, has anyone not seen Simon Sinek's about starting with why? Yeah, I didn't think so. You can pack a lot in a 20-minute talk, and sometimes that's all you need.

I hope this inspires you not to feel like you have to read books and learn in your own way. I'm all about that 0% guilt, 100% curious learning.